Scotsman TCS180 AS Hands Free Ice / Water Dispenser

//Scotsman TCS180 AS Hands Free Ice / Water Dispenser

Scotsman TCS180 AS Hands Free Ice / Water Dispenser


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This ice machine is no longer available. The Scotsman DXN107 and Scotsman DXN207 are the updated and alternative ice machines.
Standard features of the Scotsman TCS180 AS ASM / EVO / ASM;
  • Automatic ice dispensing systems and self-service operations are becoming evermore popular in modern Foodservice concepts.
  • They allow customers to cool their drinks as per their own taste, making it easy and preventing any potential sanitary hazards: clear and pure ice bits drop directly into the consumer’s glass, with no manipulation.
  • Scotsman Ice dispenser TCS180 is the Industry benchmark in the ice or ice and water dispensers segment.
  • Production 150kg of ice in 24 Hours
  • Storage Bin 5kg Capacity
  • This line, in its different versions, is now available in the “Long Range” version that offers an unprecedented 9 kg in-built bin, keeping the same dimension as the original 5 kg version.
  • For those locations where the dimension of the counter are limited, we are offering the “Short” version, whose depth has been reduced by close to 6 cm, allowing for installation on most counters. The capacity of the storage bin will not change though, granting the same amount (5 kg) of Scotsman “Cubelet” super compressed ice.
  • Hands-Free or ( Push-Button option TCL180ASM )
  • Hands- Free Ice only Dispenser ( TCS180 EVO )
  • Gravity Drainage
  • Recommended Water Filter HF20-S
  • Price includes 2 years Parts only  warranty

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