Prodis C Series 25 Ice Cube Maker

//Prodis C Series 25 Ice Cube Maker

Prodis C Series 25 Ice Cube Maker

£471.00 + VAT

  • Prodis C Series C 25
    Crystal clear, super hard , slow melting ice cube
    Designed specifically for the Hospitality industry
  • Production 22kg of ice in 24 Hours
  •  Storage Bin Capacity 6kg
  • Spray system production
  • Front venting
  • High drain exit for easy installation
  • Makes unique “Rhomboid” Style Ice cubes (14grm)
  • Air cooled condenser
  • 13 amp operation
  • Front mounted mains on/off switch
  • External dimensions in mm: H590 x W350 x D475
  • Recommended Water Filter AP3
  • Price includes Free Delivery and two year parts warranty as standard.

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